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Fields of activity

In addition to our broad knowledge in general legal matters, our lawyers and notaries have specialised legal skills and experience. Both for individuals and companies. Our expertise covers a wide range of notarial services. Be it in real estate law, the law of succession, or commercial and corporate law. Upon request, we can also communicate with our clients in English, Hebrew, Russian, Persian and Italian.

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Real Estate Law

For most people, the purchase of real estate - whether for their own use or as an investment - is often the largest and most important financial investment in their lives. This is where professional and impartial handling is called for. Even the term "real estate" can have a wide variety of meanings: Land, condominium, partial ownership, heritable building right, residential heritable building right - each form of real estate ownership is subject to different sets of regulations. We are very familiar with these. You may seek our careful preparation, notarisation, and handling of the following services in the field of real estate law:

  • Purchase agreements for developed and undeveloped land plots
  • Apartment purchase agreements
  • Formation of condominium
  • Property development contracts (new buildings and renovation objects)
  • Establishment of heritable building rights
  • Heritable building rights purchase agreements
  • Arrangement of land charges and mortgages
  • Arrangement of usufructuary and residential rights
  • Arrangement of easements
  • Supervision of large transactions (real estate portfolios and individual properties)
  • Support of project development and real estate financing
  • Transfer agreements
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    Commercial & Corporate Law

    Our many years of experience and expertise in the field of commercial and corporate law cover the entire life cycle of companies of all kinds. We assist sole entrepreneurs and companies of all legal forms from their foundation to their liquidation in all legally relevant changes that entrepreneurial activity entails. In addition to providing notarial advice on transformation measures such as mergers, demergers, and changes of legal form, our notaries are regularly involved in the notarization of share purchase agreements and share pledges, often with an international background. You can rely on our expertise as notaries for the following corporate law measures:

    • Company Formations
    • Corporate acquisitions and M&A transactions
    • Measures under the German Reorganization Act (Umwandlungsgesetz)
    • Appointments and dismissals of managing directors
    • Amendments to the Articles of Association
    • Corporate actions
    • Notarization of general meetings and shareholders' resolutions
    • Appointment and dismissal of Executive Board members
    • Support in all commercial register matters
    • Structural changes in partnerships and corporations
    • Foundation of project companies
    • Disputes of companies and their liquidation
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    Inheritance Law & Asset Succession

    Precise arrangements will help your heirs. For this very reason, wills exist. If you do everything correctly in this regard, no one will have to fight over your estate. We provide you with advice and support in the proper preparation of a well-ordered asset and company succession. In complex cases, we also work closely with tax advisors and executors in order to implement our clients' ideas in detail. We can provide you with active and extensive support in the following areas of inheritance law and asset succession:

    • testamentary dispositions / wills
    • Inheritance contracts
    • Company succession agreements
    • Inheritance certificate applications
    • Renouncement of inheritance
    • Inheritance disputes
    • Gift and transfer agreements on real estate and companies
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    Family Law

    When friendship becomes family or spouses become good friends, there is plenty to settle: Alimentation. Pension. Matrimonial property scheme Safety for you and your child. Questions upon questions, which we can answer for you thanks to our extensive expertise in family law. This covers a wide range of sub-areas - from marriage/marriage agreement to separation and divorce, from the birth or adoption of a child to custody and alimentation arrangements. We can actively assist you with the following services within the scope of family law: 

    • Prenuptial agreements
    • Civil partnership agreements
    • Marriage-related benefit agreements
    • Divorce settlement agreements
    • General and precautionary powers of attorney
    • Living wills